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Know Your Shape


There are so many options out there when it comes to dresses, but choosing the right silhouette can make all the difference. Think of your body as a blank canvas. As the artist, you have the power of creating the illusion of an “ideal” shape. Turn your canvas into a masterpiece, by choosing dresses that balance your proportions and compliment your shape.


Hourglass Body Shape

A curvaceous figure with a full bust. Defined waistline with shoulders, bust and hips balanced proportionally and in line with each other. The “ideal” body shape. Goal is to draw attention to the waistline and accentuate the curves without adding size to one specific area

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Apple Body Shape

A figure with a full bust line and little or no waistline definition. May appear top heavy and weight gain usually gravitates to the mid-section. Goal is to elongate the torso and balance out the silhouette by drawing attention to the lower half.

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Rectangle Body Shape

A lean and athletic figure with balanced shoulders and hips. A straight figure with a waist that tends to have little or no definition. Goal is to create a curvatious waistline and add width to upper and lower parts.

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Pear Body Shape

A curvaceous figure with emphasis on the hips, thighs and bottom. Bust line and shoulders are proportionally narrow, but the waist is well defined. Goal is to achieve balance between your upper and bottom half and to create the appearance of a wider torso and larger bust.

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Inverted Triangle Body Shape

A figure with a fuller bust line, broad shoulders and a well defined waist. Goal is to create the illusion of a wider bottom and minimize the upper body.

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